Monday, November 14, 2011

Keepin' it Real

Confession: I SOOO do not have it all together.

I was blog stalking reading Ashley's blog the other day(go visit and give the girl a holla *yeah that’s right I be ghetto* and ooo check out her lovely Etsy boutique too...feel free to buy me something pretty while you're at it), anyways, girlie was keeping it real with her struggles and frustrations and it dawned on me how often we think of friends, acquaintances, Facebook friends and bloggers we stalk as having it all or having it perfect and I know I often forget that we are all HUMAN, no one’s lives are perfect and nobody has it all together (Hello just look at the Kardashians, especially poor Kim, girl be trippin' ---yikes again with the ghettoness)

So I thought today I would "Keep it real" and share some of my not so "finer" moments... ya know, so you don't go thinking I’m Ms. Perfect or anything....

- I am messy... pretty, pretty messy, not dirty, just messy. Like sure "everything has a place" but it doesn't always get there at first kind of messy. But on the flip side it will drive. me. crazy. until I clean
- Making BIG decisions freak. me. out. Like the "makes me cry" kind of freak out. I had mild melt downs for every purchase more expensive than my mattress. I’m that big of a wimp.
- Self righteous Christians make me wanna act un-Christ-Like towards them (maybe I’ll just start singing "Jesus take the wheel" anytime I feel the urge to slap them act out....)
- I go on cleaning binges. I could not clean for a while then BAM I will clean the house from top to bottom... usually it’s after an argument (like my girl Emily) or before a big party and usually that will hold me for a while
- I argue with Alfie. He is not perfect, I am not perfect, so bring on the occasional arguments. The important part is that we make up and forgive eachother.
- I am a stresser/worrier. I stress for myself, for Alfie, for Colton, for the random person down the block. It’s a daily bad habit I work to break all the time!
- I go back and forth on loving/hating being a working mom (and all the guilt that comes with it) Some days I can't drop off Colton fast enough, other days it’s tough to walk out the door.
- I am VERY conscious of my weight. Like on any given day I can tell you exactly how much I weigh, today, for example I weigh one hundred and no-way-am-I-putting-that-on-here!... mmmhmm no I do not have a disorder, and no I am not as content with my weight as I should be (thank God i do not have a daughter!! lol)
- We already know I shop at thrift stores since I am so frugal with my clothing
- I am OBSESSED with reality television. I love it...LOVE it. All the drama without being involved...can't get enough.
- I take things far too personally and then dwell on them and read into things FAR too much. "What they didn't try my recipe? OMG they hate me and don't wanna be my friend. I can tell...they don't like me. If they liked me they would have tried it." I’m sure I drive Alfie crazy.
- A messy house makes me feel VERY overwhelmed. *hint hint Alfie* If there is a lot going on and then the house is messy, I will shut down and then freak out (and as we read earlier, I am messy, so you can imagine the freak outs happen a-lot!).
- I hate change with every fiber of my being. i hattttttteeeeee ittttttttt. Might explain why I hold so tightly to things I can control and tend to like things MY way.... which is usually the best way but that’s another post in its self.

So, see, next time you think: "Darn that Kimi, has her stuff together", you can refer to this post and know that no, no I just do a really good fake out :)


Ashley said...

Love this. And, I'm so inspired by you to thrift! Thank you for teaching us your ways, oh wise one!

Emily M. said...

YAY FOR BEING MESSED UP TOGETHER!!!! :) Lol! Thanks for your honesty with this post!